Visual Mentorship with E.B. Lewis

SO, Friday, I had my weekly meeting with Mr. Earl B. Lewis. I have to say that I was so afraid. haha. I KNEW what he was going to say. It’s PORTRAITS. !! AND I knew that he was going to tell me to throw all of it out (he’d mentioned this already)

I have SCBWI conferences coming up this February and April. He had said before that I may not have anything in the portfolio. AND I do agree with what he says. IF it’s not appropriate for portfolio then it does need to go. BUT, where does that leave me.

I absolutely LOVE my meetings with him and I feel that he is teaching me a lot. That’s not to say that it isn’t hard because it is. I have felt like giving up so many times that I can’t count. It is frustrating but .. he has told me a few times that he believes in me and that he is seeing how hard I am working.

The hardest thing is to get out of my own head. And I don’t know where all this is going to take me. BUT, I always pray over these meetings. That I can back away from myself and truly HEAR what Mr. Lewis has to teach me. And that God uses my work for HIS glory. So, right now all I do is get ready for my meeting to start in a few minutes and “wait upon the Lord”.

So, anyway, the meeting with Mr. Earl B. Lewis went GREAT. I think he and I have developed a nice dialogue. I’m a talker and it’s hard for me to shut up. haha. BUT, I have to remember that I’m paying for HIS time and not to hear myself talk. lol

That said, today I left very hopeful of the goals that I’ve set for myself. His critiques were honest and yes .. tough. BUT, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The way that I see it is the way that I’ve BEEN doing things hasn’t worked out. haha. His way has worked for him.

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