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Digital baby eye study

doing a baby eye study in DIGITAL. With a Wacom Intuis 3 in Photoshop. It’s not bad, I guess. I just notice that the lines don’t necessarily go in the exact direction that I intend to while I’m drawing on the tablet. I’m not getting the same result that I get in traditional pencil. Will continue working on things.


baby eye study


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Wacom sketch – baby hands

I have just started “sketching” on my old wacom intuis 3 digital tablet.  I am using Photoshop with a Hard Round 1 pixel brush set to about 1/3 opacity and 1/3 flow.  I’m new to this but I think it is turning out pretty good.  I hope to do more studies of hands and more.


baby hand - sketch

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Sketching digitally !!

MSheila George grandbabyy second attempt at sketching on the wacom tablet.  I am sorta happy with the outcome.  Just a quick sketch.  I want to do some refining and detail but ..  I think I could get used to this.

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Ink Fish

Adding some new stuff to my website. This is from when I did the illustrations for a fishing newsletter for two years. The guy would send me actual fishing flies for me to draw. I still have them. I would love to go fly fishing one of these days !!!

Refl on Pond167

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Media / Mail Mondays

Today is my self imposed “Media/ Mail Monday” What this means for me is that I go through my emails. Read, delete and instead of clicking “save as new’ … I really deal with those. I have a bad habit of “keeping as new” and I end up with an overloaded mail box.

Also, I am trying to work with various social medias (like this facebook page) SO .. I’m trying to put myself on a schedule of posting to various things.

I color code my days.. haha. Blue is “Meda/Mail Monday”, Yellow is for “Youtube Tuesday”, and Wednesday is for “Writing Wednesday”. I keep sticky notes beside my desk and if think of something that I need to do, I write it on that appropriate sticky note. I have printed things about how to “twitter”, “instagram” etc and I put it in the blue folder.

IF I find myself doing something on a different day, I make myself stop and do it on the appropriate day. I don’t spend ALL day doing these things. It does seem to be helping me because I find myself drifting off or spending wastless minutes lingering on something while THINKING that I will “get to” that thing that I need to be doing later on in the day. Anyway, this helps me stay focused. ‬



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NEW Webpage unveiled

After working ALL day, I am proud to present the new look of “FELICIA LILLEY – Illustrator” website.

One of the big things is to be able to add all of the social media buttons like Pinterest, Tumblr etc.  I’m still figuring how to use some of those sites …  but I’m just happy that I’m moving up in the world.

Hope you will all stop by !!

New Web Page

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