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Felicia Lilley is a Texas based artist who has gained attention with her colorful, vivid, thought – provoking portraits.

She remembers coming home from school to find her father building her what he called her very own “art gallery”. A carpenter by trade, he would bring home blocks of wood for her to paint on. Felicia says of her dad “He was my source for artistic inspiration and still is”. She says, “I have developed discipline for staying true to my subject matter from my daddy. He said if you start something, you finish it.”

Felicia has been interested in drawing since her early childhood. At a very young age, her art teacher introduced her to art at a summer workshop at school. She checked out books from the local library and studied them diligently. In 8th grade, she was given a box of old brushes and paints by her art teacher, Mrs. Rayburn. Felicia remembers doing covers for play bulletins at school even as early as third grade. She was encouraged in school with many teachers urging her to draw. She was also voted by her Senior Class as the most talented girl in school.

Lilley’s rise as one of the top artists of this area started by watching William Alexander’s art shows on P.B.S. television with her dad. A serious woman about her work and her responsibilities to her collectors signifies why her paintings capture the essence of each subject’s personality. She is known for her realistically accurate portraits throughout East Texas. One of her trademarks are the eyes and the realistic depiction of the faces.

Felicia Lilley has a body of work that reflects a life dedicated to perfecting her God given talent and portraying people in their truest forms.

Currently, she resides in Nederland with her husband Rodger. She works in her studio dividing her time between her family and her artwork. Her daughters have since grown and gone on to college. With more time for herself, Felicia looks at her future by saying, “I am looking into getting into writing and illustrating children’s books, print markets, galleries and even greeting cards.”

With the encouragement of her husband and daughters, she was never allowed to give up on herself or her work. Instead, she has found the joy and reward of creating and through that creation the ability to give to others something that will continue giving long after she is gone.


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