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Class with E. B. Lewis today

I have my meeting with E. B. Lewis today. We are working on my picture book dummy. After we get that going then we will work on my portfolio for the upcoming conferences.

I’m excited about this picture book dummy. I’m not so concerned about getting it published as much as I am just excited to be going through the “process” with him. There is so much to discuss and so much to learn.

If you have followed me (a while back) then you’ve seen what I HAD for my picture book dummy. We have scraped all of that. Haha. I have a storyboard prepared to show him today using his comments from last week.

Also, the children that I was working on …. It’s not over. Still working on those things. He is helping me get those from being a portrait to an illustration that is narrative. SO … Hopefully that will end up in the portfolio. Stay tuned. 😃


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