Ways I Manage My Time

thought I’d share some things that I do to keep me organized. I made up titles for each day to keep me focused on what I’m doing each day so that I don’t spend forever online. I make notes of things that I want to post about on each day and try to take 5 minutes each day to post.  I have also made a “chain” of where my posts go to and try to be careful to not post the same thing twice.

#youtubetuesday – If I see interesting videos that I want to view (maybe educational or helpful in some way), then I will send that link to myself in an email with the title “YouTube Tuesday”. Then on that day, I will take the time to watch them.

#writingwednseday – This day, I devote my time to working on a book that I have started and maybe research others that I’m working on.

#technologythursday – My email box gets too full.  SO, I take this day to delete spam, maybe unscubscribe to things I no longer want, save emails to certain files so that they don’t just sit in my mail box and anything else needed.  I also take this day to blog (although, today I’m early.  lol)  I’ve also been reading a book called “Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing”.  On Thursdays, I will look at the notes that I have taken from the book and maybe try to put things that I’ve learned to use.

#focusfriday – I think about the next week and what I need to accomplish.  Review my week and see what I didn’t finish up and why so that the same thing won’t happen the next week.
EVERY DAY at 9AM my phone alarm goes off saying “Draw, Paint & Create” ….  SO, I try to stop doing the above things at 9 AM so that I can  ….  DRAW, PAINT & CREATE.

Hope this has been helpful.


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