Chasing Chickens !!

Thought I would bring you all some humor this morning. lol (since we have all been working on chickens & roosters for the past few assignments) AND I’m JUST getting my revision ready to send for the Austin assignment when ………

it WAS a peaceful morning all through the house when ALL OF A SUDDEN.

COCK A DOODLE DOOOOOOO … right outside the window where I’m sitting. Dog JUMPS up and goes CRA CRA CRAZYYY !!

I put her choker collar on (because she has been chasing really bad after the bike riders for the last week and we are training her to “stop”) I take her outside and OMG. lol I run with her chasing this rooster and of course it’s cackling like mad !! I let go of the leash in an area that is somewhat confined beside the AC unit and let Mona Lisa chase the rooster for a minute or two. THEN I get the leash and tell her to stop. takes a little bit but she does. (I have treats in my hand). THEN I guide the dog to behind the rooster so that we can “push” the rooster out of the yard. Success.

Rooster RUNS down the driveway, across the street and into the neighbors yard as I tell Mona Lisa to stop and sit… which she did well. Took a little while to get her to calm down though and finally look at me. She is now collapsed on the floor after much praising…

SO .. how was YOUR day !!! (here is a QUICK 30 minute sketch of the event. lol)

And here is the star of the show…. Mona Lisa !!


February 25, 2014 · 5:51 pm

4 responses to “Chasing Chickens !!

  1. shelley bonney

    i LOVE it! Good girl Mona Lisa!

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