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My Visual Mentor class with E.B. Lewis

Today is my skype meeting with E.B. Lewis. I would love for you to check him out.

I met him almost two years ago at a children’s book conference in Austin. We were asked to turn in a piece for the panel to critique in front of everyone. It was an auditorium and the artwork was projected on a HUGE wall. He TORE ME UP. haha. I shook his hand afterwards and told him that I appreciated his honesty and vowed that I would make it better. Fast forward ahead to now. He only accepts a few people to mentor and I am one of them !!!

He is still as honest with me as that day. The meetings aren’t easy at all. BUT, I don’t want someone to just say that my work is good. I’m almost 50 (yep, I said that out loud .. or actually in my head) .. point is that I haven’t gotten to the point that I want to. He has. SO, I owe it to myself to hear whatever he has to say… no matter how blunt or brutal. 

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