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Technology Thursday

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.      2014 held a lot of set backs for me due to some medical issues and other things.

But, I’m back !!!  In the past, I had designated certain days to get certain things accomplished.  It seems to help me keep my mind on track.  I work on these things for a short while in the mornings then paint afterwards.

Before I had MEDIA MONDAY –  This is the day that I dealt with emails (unscubsribe and weeded through them), posted to various social media sites, dealt with anything pertaining to the computer (moved files to the appropriate hard drives … I tend to clutter my desktop BADLY)  My husband was ALWAYS off on Fridays which is why I used Mondays.  2014, his days rotated which did effect my ability to stay on schedule.  This year, he has MONDAYS off which effects my MEDIA MONDAYS …. so, I changed it to TECHNOLOGY THURSDAYS #techthursday.

I have A LOT of great things to accomplish this year and it all starts with a plan.  Organization is key !!!  Stay tuned

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Just wondering …

So, I have been really studying children’s book illustrators who paint realistically. I have never felt good about what I do. But I am starting to feel good about my abilities. I don’t mean to seem like I’m bragging. If you knew me ten you would know how long I have struggled to get here.

Now that isn’t saying that there is no room for improvement because you are always learning and trying to improve.

That said. I always trying to figure out what makes an image an illustration. When looking at some I these very reputable illustrators, I just wonder what makes it an illustration vs just a piece of great art.


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