Well, let’s see how this goes

It’s been a little while since I’ve been in a regular “art” routine these days.  We got a new puppy 2 MONTHS ago and I have not been able to paint since we got her.

Today is our first day back in the studio TOGETHER.

Let me introduce you to Miss Mona Lisa. She is a full blooded German Shepherd and was fully intended to be an outside dog.  I have had German Shepherds all of my life and all of them outside.  I had always said that I wasn’t going to be THAT PERSON who kept these huge monstrous dogs inside their home.  BUT, I have to say that I am that person now.  It has truly been hard to potty train her and to learn to crate her without leaving her there ALL day long (out to potty)  She has learned quite a lot of commands by “clicer training”.

Today she and I are in my studio together and she is doing awesome !!  I hope that this is the start of my way back !!1239110_705799129449011_729882841_o


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One response to “Well, let’s see how this goes

  1. Mickie

    She is really a beautiful thing!

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