Media / Mail Mondays

Today is my self imposed “Media/ Mail Monday” What this means for me is that I go through my emails. Read, delete and instead of clicking “save as new’ … I really deal with those. I have a bad habit of “keeping as new” and I end up with an overloaded mail box.

Also, I am trying to work with various social medias (like this facebook page) SO .. I’m trying to put myself on a schedule of posting to various things.

I color code my days.. haha. Blue is “Meda/Mail Monday”, Yellow is for “Youtube Tuesday”, and Wednesday is for “Writing Wednesday”. I keep sticky notes beside my desk and if think of something that I need to do, I write it on that appropriate sticky note. I have printed things about how to “twitter”, “instagram” etc and I put it in the blue folder.

IF I find myself doing something on a different day, I make myself stop and do it on the appropriate day. I don’t spend ALL day doing these things. It does seem to be helping me because I find myself drifting off or spending wastless minutes lingering on something while THINKING that I will “get to” that thing that I need to be doing later on in the day. Anyway, this helps me stay focused. ‬




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