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Satisfied so far

Well. I worked on this for an hour at this little group of ladies who are painting. Not bad for an hour of painting. Got base coats of color down and starting to build tones. I usually tape my paper to a board.

This is a sketchbook. The paper needs to dry before I can do more. I have a blow dryer but I am supposed to meet my daughter for lunch in a bit. The ladies here have stopped for lunch and it smells so good that I am leaving early to go find my daughter. Haha.



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Textures today

Well, I have finished a few paintings so now I am focusing on my new one. I have a lot in my head so today I am just going to stop and play with painting textures.

I had taken a watercolor workshop a few months ago, so today I am going to work on some techniques from that class. I have a watercolor sketchbook and photos of different woodgrains. So … Lets see how this is gonna go.


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Didn’t work out

So, I have not liked this when I started working on it. First and most importantly, I used the wrong color in her cheeks and it was a staining color and wouldn’t lift. So her face looked muddy. Secondly, was the new technique of putting in darkest first. Just wasn’t working with he face … At all. Laying int the darks made the paints thick. So when coming back to add light tones just caused the darks to lift up creating even more splotches.

So, I was trying to work on it today and saw more and more problems with it … So just ended it. On to something new.


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Step away from the painting !

Well, I worked on the snow boy some more. I’m going to step away from it for a few days. I think the hands may be getting a little muddy. I do need a little more contrast in them though.


I will share a little something that I do. It’s silly really. I have a jar of M&Ms beside my drafting table. IF I do a good job then I reward myself with ONE. The very most I have allowed myself is three in a day. But that is for an incredible day. Haha. I have a travel pack that I take with me when I go places to paint. This past Monday when I went to paint with the ladies at the art league, I didn’t feel that I had accomplished anything, so I didn’t get an M&M. Lol. But I let myself have two today for the snow boy.


Now, I am going to try and finish another that I had started. I had taken a week long watercolor workshop. This lady taught to paint EXTREME darks first … In watercolor. Complete opposite in how I was always taught. Lay in your washes and build up your darks. I think I like this painting. But it isn’t as smooth as I am used to. Very splotchy. And the colors lift when you try to add more to it for detailing and such. Hmm. I am reserving my opinion on this technique for a while.


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Getting there

Well. This is almost done. I NEVER like anything that I do but I have to say that I am pleased with this so far. First time painting falling snow.



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Here goes nothing

Oh. I think I am liking this…. Or not. Once it starts drying, there is too much “snow”. Too much salt. Not sure if I can fix it. May have to start over.


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Productive day ?

So, I got a late start for my painting day. Didn’t get major painting done. But I think I have worked out my color scheme for this painting. I am using a photo of a friend’s child. I want a snow scene but the photo has a brown background. I still wanted the blue clothing. So, I did a small color study to see how things may work out. I like the color study so far. That is all that I have done. But this is a big accomplishment because this has been on my drafting table for a few months while I thought about what I am going to do. I have never painted falling snow. So this will be a challenge. I don’t want to use opaque paint over the watercolor. So I am trying to stay pure. We will see how his goes.



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