Playin’ with Shadin’

I’ve really been working on pencil drawings these days.  Worked with conte crayon the last few days then turned to 2B graphite blocks.  I really like the graphite blocks alot better than the conte crayon.  I do like the high contrast with the conte, but just seems harder to get light tones.  I like the wider variation of tones that I get with the graphite blocks.

I kinda liked these until I scanned them.  Seems like you can see NEW stuff about your artwork when looking at it on a computer monitor.

I painted the watercolor on the left over 20 years ago.  The middle is just the gray scale of the painting.  I have always felt that the contrast in the watercolor wasn’t good enough.  I printed the gray scale and then shaded over it in pencil.  If I end up liking this, I may even try to print the color and somehow repaint over it to fix those contrast issues.  IDK.  The scan of the new version (last one) didn’t seem to look quite the same as the real version.  OR maybe you just see things differently on the computer.  Anyway, it was an interesting thing to do.





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