Remembering them

I NEVER draw this small ever. The eyes are barely bigger than the tip of my pencil. I can’t really see the detail clearly so this is not my best and it’s hard to get the tip of the pencil to get to those really small areas.

But, this is just me working through missing my daddy who died August 3, twenty two years ago. My severely disabled brother died also on August 3. He died last year within 30 minutes of the time that my daddy died.  Nope. Not my best artwork but that really wasn’t my goal here.

I used an ebony pencil.  I love using these to draw with.  I let the weight of the pencil shade most of it.  I lay it down as flat to the paper as I can so that the entire width of the pencil is used.  Mostly, I use a circular motion so that I don’t have streaks or lines.  I really don’t use erasers of any kind.  IF there is something that is really bad, I will lift with a kneaded eraser.  The main thing to remember is to have patience.  You just don’t need to be in a hurry when laying in the values.  Turn the radio on to something peaceful and just relax.  🙂



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