Step away from the painting !

Well, I worked on the snow boy some more. I’m going to step away from it for a few days. I think the hands may be getting a little muddy. I do need a little more contrast in them though.


I will share a little something that I do. It’s silly really. I have a jar of M&Ms beside my drafting table. IF I do a good job then I reward myself with ONE. The very most I have allowed myself is three in a day. But that is for an incredible day. Haha. I have a travel pack that I take with me when I go places to paint. This past Monday when I went to paint with the ladies at the art league, I didn’t feel that I had accomplished anything, so I didn’t get an M&M. Lol. But I let myself have two today for the snow boy.


Now, I am going to try and finish another that I had started. I had taken a week long watercolor workshop. This lady taught to paint EXTREME darks first … In watercolor. Complete opposite in how I was always taught. Lay in your washes and build up your darks. I think I like this painting. But it isn’t as smooth as I am used to. Very splotchy. And the colors lift when you try to add more to it for detailing and such. Hmm. I am reserving my opinion on this technique for a while.



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